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 Dr.Ahmed Said Al Jhwari is a fully integrated legal firm serving clients in Sultanate of Oman & GCC states. Our law firm offers a broad spectrum of legal services in the areas of Civil, commercial , Labour, Penal Services & Sharia law suits also Administrative and Military law suits, and more. The most important thing that we believe in honesty and dedication in dealing our work. The collaborative team structured, the highest quality of the legal services and the use of different modern methods of development for the purpose of success and clients’ confidence and satisfaction.

The Law firm noble message designed to ensure justice and the rule of law The law firm has a noble message, noble goals and objectives and it is considered as a liberal profession that shares with the judiciary the role of achieving justice and the rule of law . It aims at defending the rights of citizens and their freedom. The lawyer’s role is very important as it represents, undoubtedly, the second side of Justice. The latter has two sides: the judge and the lawyer who is showing the truth through arguments and evidence. Moreover, if this side of justice is invalid so no justice for ambiguity of truth and the latter becomes incomplete because of this ambiguity as it is rightly said: (Justice is the result of a dialogue between an impartial independent judge and a free honest lawyer) .Truth does not defend itself unless people are honest, but unfortunately they are not coming always with clean hands for tremendous reasons that is why the eloquence of expression and cogency are necessary to show the right.

Based on this sense, the Office of dr.ahmed said al jhwari;Advocates and legal consultants was established to be the mainstay of high noble legal principles, and one of the beacons of the law for showing the right in the Sultanate. Furthermore; it helps to participate in contributing to the legal institutions and other professional law firms in the strengthening of State institutions and the law as given Maulana his Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin said ;Commander of the Renaissance in all areas and aspects of life in my pure respectful country… And we’ve succeeded (Office of dr.ahmed said al jhwari – Law Firm; Advocates and Legal consultants) in providing the best services and best practices to ensure the achievement of ambitious and satisfied all dealers with our Office.

We promise our dealers ; who wish to benefit from our legal office ; to do our best and to offer our experience and our product feed thought to provide better legal services.


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